Welcome to the Cheeky Chum’s Border Terrier

The first time I met the Border Terrier was at the LKA Earls Court in 1978. The handy size, the rough coat and the perky gentle looking captivated me. For Jürgen Papenfuß I was looking for a Christmas gift too. And at the same time I was looking for a dog who could keep the fox away from our chickens. That moved Jürgen Papenfuß to at all accept the gift. I brought him along from the exhibition so to speak, and there it was the first time I made contact with the Walker family (Workmore) Hereford. I showed that my interest went to a female dog, which months later was handed to me. In the meantime, I asked Mrs. Wiebke Stone for her opinion about the male dogs "Headlad of Workmore" (2CC's), whose father Ch. "Workmore Waggoneer" was very successful in the USA. And she advised me to get a puppy from the "Laddie" litter. Except from the Walker family, we also found a helping hand in building our Border Kennel with Mrs. Baldwin (Cedarcourt).She proposed us at the Southern Border Club together with Mrs. Aspinwall and Mrs. Jugde (Pluscourt), to which we owe a series of beautiful Borders Terrier.

Foto: Headlad of Workmore


Our first Border Terrier litter was in 1979 under our Kennel name "Cheeky Chum's". Later we experienced that our first "breeding pair" brought very temperamental offspring. Good for hunting, but not so well suited for at home. With "Cedarcourt" male dogs with a frank little soul and the Pluscourts the calmness returned. Which does not mean that suddenly it was mouse-still. The right Border temperament remained to us.




In about 1992 we got an Australian Terrier female dog, from our friend Axel Osterheld, from his farm.



Klik für Dia Schau


A breed with a special quality, which we have always laughed sweetly on it. Jürgen Papenfuß took this female dog in his possession and she developed a charm that captivated us both. Because of our Irish Wolfhound and Deerhound relationship with Finland we met a Deerhound and Australian Terrier Breeder there, of which we have obtained another female dog with corresponding male dogs.








Jürgen Rösner/Jürgen Papenfuss