Thoughts on breeding from the Border Terrier



We were Lucky to be able to connect to good, conscientious breeders who proceeded carefully. Without them, a successful breeding would hardly have been conceivable. Unlike many young Border Terrier Breeders, we are still at the beginning of our breeding career.

Young breeders believe into their ‘line’ too quickly. But when we have a close look, it shows that they are still far away. Our main breed, Irish Wolfhound, has shown that inbreeding due to  this lack of knowledge causes major health problems. From the breeding point of view it is not desirable that people limit themselves only within their own circle breeder, so not only own kennel names are reflected in the genealogies. In that sense it will also not limit the show success. Dogs from other kennels or where private breeding is involved,  are lead into the ring. Insiders and experts are getting impressed.

I believe that breeding with another variety and introducing breeding animals who are bred carefully, may result  in the progressive improvement of their race line, if the phenotype of the male and female is very similar to the race ideals.

Again they have to trust the conscientious breeder and ask about the pedigree and if possible try to get an impression how the still living animals from the same generation are. I would consider the authority of the males. This is very useful, because it generally had numerous offspring to exhibit.
Conclusions can be drawn from the legacy value. With the increasing awareness among people, interest in the breed increased also. A positive development, which hopefully is reflected in breeding. To become stronger a potential breeder should have to develop a self-critical look on their own tribe. This includes a constant learning process, which even the most minor initial successes will not weaken. Sober assessment of animals from other breeders, without conscious resentment, because of depending on another. To stay in the ring of the best-of-breed verification is necessary even if one's own bred animals have not performed well. The interpretation of the standard varies, even when having much experience is something with a bit of play. There are a few things strictly judged, let that come first.

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  Unfortunately, the real interest in the breed - and that goes for all races – is very limited, when one takes the presence of real lovers of that breed at an exhibition as a measuring point. Many people look no further than their own interest. They look more to their own race. The Border meetings are a great success for the breed and for the association for the Border Terrier as well, who are busy with so much enthusiasm that I am not worried about the future of the Border Terrier. Especially since the excellent breeders who are there to participate. This should be an incentive for smaller breeders to make clear goals for themselves in the interest of the breed. Dog owners must not only be limited to the variety they have. One-sidedness may lead to blindness to the breed. A breeder should also deal with other races and the associated problems should interest him too. A multi-racial KFT provides the best opportunity to do so. The lover of a particular race, although he could sniff around a bit, but he continues his Border Terrier breed loyalty. He, as any dog, has very individual characteristics which is tuned to the character and the ego of its owner.